Paper Meditations has been my hobby and passion for more than 20 years! It began when I wanted to decorate the walls of my home on a limited budget. I was determined to create something unique, so with a professional background in graphic design and lots of creativity, I knew I was up for the challenge. I experimented with folding sheets of computer paper into identical forms and then putting these modules together. Beautiful patterns and designs emerged! I was amazed that this process led to seemingly endless possibilities and was inspired to continue my exploration of paper as a sculptural medium. I have since incorporated color into my work and have added the techniques of cutting and bending paper. My process has remained the same though in that I never aim for a specific result. I let the manipulation of the paper lead me to a final piece. I like to think of it as "playing with paper." I hope you enjoy browsing through my gallery and let me know what you think.


Christine M. Kirk

Contact me at PaperMeditations@gmail.com

  • 3rd Place, Non-Professional for Sweet Perennial, Garden Show Exhibition, February 2021 at Lancaster County Art Association

  • 1st Place, 3 Dimensional Category for Tri-Tone Burst, Open Door Exhibition, June 2019 at Lancaster County Art Association

  • 2nd Place, Non-Professional for Golden Facets, Spring Membership Exhibition, May 2019 at Lancaster County Art Association

  • Member and Master Artisan, Pennsylvania Guild of Craftsmen

  • Member, York Art Association

  • Member, Lancaster County Art Association

  • Member, Be Creative with the Paper Artist Collective (closed Facebook Group)

  • Exhibitions in York, PA : Belmont Theater Lobby, Blue Moon Restaurant, York Arts Main Gallery, OffCenter Grill in Yorktown Hotel, City Arts Gallery Holiday Sale Event

  • Sold to private collections in York, PA area and Mitsuru Ya Restaurant

  • Honorable Mention Award at the Peddlers Village Fine Arts and Craft Fair

  • Firehouse Gallery of Bordentown, NJ Exhibition, "Water and Ice"

  • Freelance Graphic Designer, New York metropolitan area

  • Full-time Graphic Designer, Family Circle Magazine

  • Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Communication Design with honors from Parsons School of Design

  • Home Fashion Textile Design Award from Home Fashion Association while attending college