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Created by Artist Christine Kirk

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What are Paper Meditations? This is the name I have given to my three-dimensional paper sculptures. As the name implies, I hope they bring your focus into the moment and inspire reflection. You may also contemplate how they are crafted and how something as commonplace as paper can create something unique and beautiful.

Paper Meditations has been my hobby and passion for more than 20 years! It began when I wanted to decorate the walls of my home on a limited budget. I was determined to create something unique, so with a professional background in graphic design and lots of creativity, I knew I was up for the challenge. I experimented with folding sheets of computer paper into identical forms and then putting these modules together. Beautiful patterns and designs emerged! I was amazed that this process led to seemingly endless possibilities and was inspired to continue my exploration of paper as a sculptural medium. I have since incorporated color into my work and have added the techniques of cutting and bending paper. My process has remained the same though in that I never aim for a specific result. I let the manipulation of the paper lead me to a final piece. I like to think of it as "playing with paper." I hope you enjoy browsing through my gallery and let me know what you think.


Christine M. Kirk

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  • 3rd Place, Non-Professional for Sweet Perennial, Garden Show Exhibition, February 2021 at Lancaster County Art Association

  • 1st Place, 3 Dimensional Category for Tri-Tone Burst, Open Door Exhibition, June 2019 at Lancaster County Art Association

  • 2nd Place, Non-Professional for Golden Facets, Spring Membership Exhibition, May 2019 at Lancaster County Art Association

  • Member and Master Artisan, Pennsylvania Guild of Craftsmen

  • Member, York Art Association

  • Member, Lancaster County Art Association

  • Member, Be Creative with the Paper Artist Collective (closed Facebook Group)

  • Exhibitions in York, PA : Belmont Theater Lobby, Blue Moon Restaurant, York Arts Main Gallery, OffCenter Grill in Yorktown Hotel, City Arts Gallery Holiday Sale Event

  • Sold to private collections in York, PA area and Mitsuru Ya Restaurant

  • Honorable Mention Award at the Peddlers Village Fine Arts and Craft Fair

  • Firehouse Gallery of Bordentown, NJ Exhibition, "Water and Ice"

  • Freelance Graphic Designer, New York metropolitan area

  • Full-time Graphic Designer, Family Circle Magazine

  • Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Communication Design with honors from Parsons School of Design

  • Home Fashion Textile Design Award from Home Fashion Association while attending college